Why Should Stop Eating Meat|Reasons to invest your money on resturants in Phnom Penh

Reasons to invest your money on resturants in Phnom Penh

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Why Should Stop Eating Meat


Reasons that you should stop eating meat


Meat is a part of our main meal that we always eat every day and some children even don't eat vegetable but only meat. Generally,eating meat is delicious and tasty but it also has many drawbacks that you should consider carefully. There are some essential good point of eliminating meat from your meal because it might help lower your risk for certain health conditions and make it easier to get the recommended amounts of different nutrients. Some reasons that you should cut down on eating meat:

Health problems:


eating meat causes people to have a lot of diseases like heart attack, cancer and stroke. As you know that meat contain high calories and cholesterol that are not good for your body. When the calories and cholesterol of meat proceed inside your body, they will not go anywhere but they will become fat inside your body that cause many health problem in the future. Moreover, inside the meat contain a lot of disease especially pork which islamic people refuse to eat since pig carry trichinosis bacteria that cling to the walls of the stomach and intestines, which can be fatal.

Short life expectancy:


eating meat cannot make you live longer and healthier. If you wish you to live a long life, you should cut down on eating meat and start eating a lot of vegetable and fruits because they are the source of vitamin and they have 0% of cholesterol that help to protect your health from diseases and increase your metabolism.

Stop cruelty on animals:


Animals also want to live and grow like humans. People kills million of animals everyday around the world for their food. For example, animals on the farm are tortured and within the days they were born, chicken have their beaks seared off with a hot blade. Animals are hung upside down and their throats are sliced opened while they are fully conscious, so you can see how cruel is it when the animal are killed.

Maintain your weight:


meat contains a lot cholesterol that make you fat easily. If you want to have a slim body and maintain your weight, you should stop eating meat and come back to eat vegetable. Vegetable also helps to be full for along time because the fiber and water in the vegetable fill you up in an effective way than meat. Moreover, vegetable tend to be low in calories but rich in protein and vitamins. Eat properly and wisely so you do not need to do exercise to make your weight stable or losing weight.