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Why Should be Vegetarians


4 reasons people should be vegetarians


Have you ever imagined the world will look like if everyone stop eating meat and become vegetarians? The number of vegetarians around the world keep increasing and the number of vegetarian restaurants that are opened also increase nowadays. People start to become vegetarians because they see the benefits of being vegetarians. Here are some advantages that people should become vegetarians:



People who eat meat are likely to have a lot of health problems such as heart disease, gaining weight, cancer, stroke and etc that are very serious that meat eater face nowadays. Healthy vegetarian food helps you to against all these problems and it helps to protect your health perfectly.As you know that vegetable and fruits have a lot vitamins and nutrians that help your brian to function effectively rather than meat.

Getting fit:


meat contains a lot cholesterol that make you fat easily. If you want to have a slim body and maintain your weight, you should stop eating meat and come back to eat vegetable. Vegetable also helps to be full for along time because the fiber and water in the vegetable fill you up in an effective way than meat. Moreover, vegetable tend to be low in calories but rich in protein and vitamins.

Saving money:

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if you are thinking of saving money and you cannot find a way to do so, here now the big solution for you is that you should stop buying meat and start buying only vegetable and eggs for your food. You can save huge amount of money if you stop buying meat for your meal since meat costs you a lot of money. The thing is that some people might say that they cannot cook a delicious meal if they use only vegetable; however you can cook a very tasty food with only vegetable if you know the way to cook or you can search on the internet how to cook vegetable deliciously.

Meat puts your brain at risk :


Eating meat makes your brains not to function effectively and it can make your brain works in a slow process. According to a recent study from UCLA, meat contains a whole lot of iron which can raise levels of iron in the brain and may increase the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. When iron accumulates in the brain, myelin—a fatty tissue that coats nerve fibers—is destroyed. This disrupts brain communication, and signs of Alzheimer's appear.Eating red and processed meats also greatly increases the risk of colorectal cancer in people with a genetic predisposition.